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A Casual Dive @ Aliwal Shoal

B Shark Safari
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Package No. 5

C Ocean Conservation / Project Aware Course
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For NON-DiversS

D SharkLife / PADI Shark Awareness Course
Ragged Tooth Shark
Great White Shark
Zambezi (Bull) Shark
Tiger Shark
Blacktip Shark
Whale Shark

E Shark Research Dive with Ragged Tooth Sharks

F Soft Cage Dive @ Aliwal Shoal

G Annual Sardine Run

H Pelagic Trip with Blue & Mako Sharks

I Great White Shark Dive

J Ocean Experience Trip

K PADI Dive Course
Discover Scuba
Scuba Diver
Open Water
Advanced Open Water

L Specialities
Deep Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Night Diver
Project Aware
Underwater Naturalist
Aware Coral Reef Conservation

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