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The Project Aware course is not aimed at divers alone but for anyone wishing to learn more about our fragile ocean and its inhabitants.

The oceans are not only a major source of food but the passive recipient of enormous amounts of wastes. According to the National Audubon Society, each year the following make their way into the seas annually:

  • 100 million tons of plastics
    (which take 450 years to decompose)
  • 17 million tons of sewage, sludge and garbage
  • 5 million tons of oil
  • 19 trillion litres of toxic waste

The purpose of teaching this course is to highlight:

  • the effects of marine pollution
  • oil spills
  • consequences of oil pollution in the ocean
  • degraded marine environments
  • divers protecting the marine environment
  • education on sustainable seafood
  • over fishing
  • bycatch
  • habitat destruction
  • aquaculture
  • how you can make a difference
  • different shark species, their form & function, sensory biology, reproduction, prey capture & feeding, shark conservation, shark fear vs fact, threats facing sharks & what can be done to help


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