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This course, in conjunction with SHARKLIFE is designed to introduce divers to the Bull Shark species and to help the student diver develop an understanding and knowledge of Bull shark biology and behaviour, as well as learn techniques for diving with Bull sharks.

This course includes :

  • a shark conservation section and highlights the importance of personal involvement in preserving the aquatic environment.
  • Enables the diver to plan, organise and execute a dive with Bull sharks in a confident and passive manner.
  • Highlights the global threats facing sharks, overviews the importance of sharks and their conservation and gives insight into local research efforts

Course requirement :

  • PADI Advanced Diver or an equivalent rating.

Habitats of Bull / Zambezi Sharks

Pinnacles – Southern Mozambique.Is situated approximately 4km’s offshore between Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli. Limited fishing activity has allowed for healthy fish and shark populations to remain in the region. Some resident Bull sharks seem to remain in the area around the Pinnacles reef during the summer months (Oct – May) or even all year round.

Protea Banks – KZN South Coast. Is situated 8km’s offshore of Shelly Beach on the lower KZN south coast. This reef area is heavily fished by both recreational and commercial fishermen. Divers have noted a marked drop in shark and fish numbers over the past decade.


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