Gyrocopter Sardine Run 2017 Patrol

Gyrocopter Sardine Run 2017 Patrol

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Gyrocopter Sardine Run 2017 Patrol

We would like to welcome Nigel aka “Tzulu” Dowsett to the Offshore Africa and DWS sardine run team this year as our sardine run gyro copter pilot.

We are absolutely positive that he will fit right in with all of us that have been a team for a long time now.

“Tzulu” will be doing all our aerial spotting for us this year and comes to our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

More about him :-

• Tzulu lives off the grid on top of a mountain in the Overberg
• Owner of The Wild Edge bush pilot retreat / Skycam aerial photography
• A grade light sport aviation instructor with 30 years and 5000 hours flying experience on ultralights, fixed wing & rotary wing aircraft
• Flew 9 years sardine run for IMAX, NAT GEO BBC WORLD
• KZN anti poaching
• Whale shark / turtle surveys
• Project Rhino, game counts
• Land Rover / Toyota driver training
• Survival instructor
• Co pilot / medic / rescue swimmer for Nokia / Hunters Air Sea Rescue
• Ski boat surf training instructor
• NSRI coxswain
• Great Barrier Reef DiveMaster / Rescue medic
• Semi submersible coxswain
• 8 years KZN Sharks Board

“Tzulu” has massive experience in marine spotting along our coastline and as can be seen from his “short” bio, you will be safe in the air with him too.

Our sardine run gyro copter team will spend a lot of time in the air for us this year and will prove invaluable in spotting on all levels.

Check out his Youtube video under the heading “The Wild Edge gyro copter rush”.

Offshore Africa will also be offering afternoon gyro copter flights time & weather permitting and once our boats are back at base.

Come and join us for an amazing time, whether air, land or sea.

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