Sardine run 2013

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We have had an INCREDIBLE sardine run this year with the most memorable encounters and experiences.

From sardinops sagax (Natal Sardine) bait balls, to red eye and anchovy bait balls.  This year has produced many a sail fish encounter on the bait balls as well as 3 species of tuna (eastern tuna, bonito & yellow fin tuna) all over the action, hunting alongside the sharks, dolphins & cape gannets.

Many shark species have been encountered, among these some large Dusky sharks, Bronze Whalers in great numbers, Blacktips, Bull shark (Zambezi) and 2 sightings this year of a Great White shark.

The ocean has been hugely kind with not a single bad weather down day and for this we are thrilled to bits.

Here are some incredible images that have come and keeping coming, from the sardine run this year.

Photo credits to :-  Rob Nettleton, Allen Walker, Morne Hardenberg, Ivan Quah, John Hawkins & Marilyne Bonnetty, amongst others.  Our sincere apologies if we have left anyone off of this list, but our bait ball of the season was SO exciting and insane and there were only a few of us with this, that the mind is still in race, action and awe mode.   We are sure you will understand our unintentional oversight.

Rob has had the most amazing “hawk eyes” this year, spotting the very early formation of action and getting us there speedily, phoning others to tell them to come and join us when there was space or to tell them to re-launch when they had already returned home.

This is what the sardine run is all about – team spirit, team play, friendships, sharing the passion for the ocean and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer each day.

It has been an incredible journey this year and we look so forward to what each sardine run year brings.

Enjoy these images………………we will share the video clips shortly.



















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