Sardine run 2013

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We have had an INCREDIBLE sardine run this year with the most memorable encounters and experiences. From sardinops sagax (Natal Sardine) bait balls, to red eye and anchovy bait balls.  This year has produced many a sail fish encounter on the bait balls as well as 3 species of tuna (eastern tuna, bonito & yellow […]

Superb weekend of shark diving

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What a superb weekend of shark diving we had, actually a superb weekend of all diving.  Outstanding ocean conditions, superb visibility of at least 25m and warm water temperatures of 25/26 degrees C. On the reef dive to Umzimayi Wall, we had no less than 30m viz, a slight N – S current and exceptionally […]

Dive 2nd April 2011

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We had an outstanding dive today on Landers.  Water temperature 22 degrees C on the bottom and slightly warmer midwater.  Viz 20m with a slight N – S current. Excellent small stuff sighted plus the presence of a round ribbon tail ray floating by constantly on the dive – and a LOVELY BONUS at the […]

Hugely successful shark courses

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We had a hugely successful Blacktip & Tiger shark course last weekend with both species again sighted throughout the entire dive. We enjoyed very warm water conditions of 25 degrees C and top to bottom visibility.  We had at least 40 Blacktip sharks around us on this day and a 2.8m female Tiger shark, that […]