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Pelagic Shark Trips

About the trip | Seasons | Where do we find these sharks | What boats are used | Other trip info

About the trip ?

This is a unique free diving experience with Mako & Blue sharks. There is no cage and there is no scuba gear.

On this pelagic shark trip, free diving and surface viewing is done.

Our target species are the magnificent Mako & Blue shark as well as the massive yellow fin tuna that these sharks hunt. Whilst not as big and bulky as the Great white shark, the Mako certainly does not stand back as it is the fastest shark in the ocean and coupled with its beautiful blue and silver colouring, is a truly magnificent creature, aptly described by Peter Goadby as “Blue dynamite”.


This trip takes place in our summer and autumn months and a variety of shark species are seen. This is also one of the best areas in the world to see pelagic birds.

As sharks are entirely wild animals with no boundaries, we do not guarantee any sightings at any time of the year. However there are certainly better times than others.

Chances of seeing one or more sharks.

  • High season Dec – June (90%)
  • Intermediate season Oct, Nov (65%)
  • Low season Jul – Sept (weather usually bad offshore)
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Where do we find these sharks?

We head out into the warm Agulhas current off Cape Point and it is this warm current and multitude of fish species that attract the great predators of the deep. Here the emphasis is on free diving but if you prefer, a great time can still be had viewing these beautiful sharks from the boat as they are very curious and often swim up and alongside the boat.

To view these sharks we use sophisticated low frequency sound equipment to attract them. Once they are around the boat and conditions permitting, you will then have the chance to dive with them or simply watch them cruise around the boat at your leisure.

Many who have cage dived with white sharks have actually said that this open water free dive with the pelagic sharks was the real highlight of their trip.

Expect the unexpected!!

What boats are used?

All of the expeditions are run from high powered 28ft catamarans equipped with 2 new 140hp low emission 4 stroke engines and are capable of speeds in excess of 30 knots. These vessels are custom built for these activities, are safe, fast & reliable offering a well designed layout suitable for photography, filming, diving and general surface observation.

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What does the price include?

  • Lunch
  • Snacks & refreshments
  • All dive gear

Lunch usually consists of rolls with cold meats as well as a vegetarian option. This is accompanied by cold drinks, fruit juice, bottled water and a variety of snacks are available throughout the day.

What to bring

  • Guests suffering from nausea or motion sickness are advised to take precautionary measures prior to each days scheduled departure
  • Warm waterproof clothing is recommended
  • Sunscreen, hat & sunglasses during warm summer month


Departure is from Simons Town

  • 06h15 Meet crew at Simons Town pier. Guests are welcomed aboard and a full safety and weather briefing is given prior to departure
  • 06h30 depart for Cape Point and the open ocean!! (1.5 to 2.5 hour boat ride)
  • 07h15 the famous Cape Point is reached and guests will have an opportunity to view and photograph the Point from this unique angle.
  • Approx 09h30 – 13h00 in order to find the optimum area for the pelagic sharks, we need to find the Agulhus current. This area changes each day but we normally work between 15 & 30 nautical miles from Cape Point. Once we reach the area, we will spend some time fishing for tuna for fresh bait and guests are welcome to try their hand at this. After a detailed safety briefing, guests may dive when the first shark arrives. All diving is on snorkel and without cages!!!! A safety diver is present in the water at all times and no more than 2 guests are in the water at any time, thus ensuring a safe and very personal one on one encounter.

For naturalists wanting a bit of everything, this trip is a MUST. From the moment we get out of False Bay, we start to see wildlife that land lovers will never see, a multitude of pelagic birds can be seen including Skewers, Terns, Shearwaters, Petrels, Penguins as well as the chance of seeing up to 6 different species of Albatross. Whales and dolphins of many species are also regular visitors on this trip out into the deep.

  • 15h00 – 16h00 boat will arrive back in Simons Town harbour, depending on the weather conditions and shark activity.
  • 16h00 ONWARDS we will return to Simons Town where you will have the opportunity to browse through a range of shark related merchandise
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