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When and Where

Dates : High season May – Sept (95%) | Intermediate season April & Oct (65%) | Low season Nov – March (55%)
Location : Simons Town, Western Cape

What's it all about

The mere mention of the word “great white shark” conjures up different thoughts in the minds of people. For most, the JAWS era is the first that springs to mind.

Much has changed since then. Great White shark populations are under huge threat worldwide. There is a massive demand for shark fins and meat and we are exploiting the apex predator of our oceans in the quest to satisfy this need. What is going to happen to our oceans if we remove the apex predators from the fragile balance? What message are we sending out to future generations? Are we completely destroying our ocean world to quench this insatiable hunger?

In 1994, South Africa became the first country in the world to protect the great white shark. It has been stated that the shark, in particular the great white shark, is worth more as a living resource for eco tourism than it is dead.

This is your chance to come face to face with the oceans top predator, to learn more about their behaviour and to understand the vital role that they play in our oceans.

Each and every encounter with a great white is a unique experience. Join us for an eco-adventure filled with discovery, excitement & awe!!

We can tailor make your trip to either a day trip or for any length of time that suits you. We can organise exclusive, group bookings, filming or team building trips.

We can take you to Seal Island’s world famous flying great whites. This is the most talked about natural phenomena worldwide. This is not just for film crews but can also be witnessed by you.

Our objective on each trip is to pass on our passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring the survival of these beautiful sharks.

While Seal Island’s claim to fame is its spectacular sharks, you will also have the chance to see many of the 64 000 seals which call Seal Island home, as well as numerous other bird species including the comical Jackass penguins.

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The great whites of Seal Island are now world famous for their highly athletic breaches that they make in pursuit of Cape fur seals which they hunt in the area. The main focus of the tour is on a natural interaction with the sharks and the very best effort is made to treat these animals with the respect that they deserve and at the same time to share the passion for these animals with you, our guest.

Daily Schedule

The trips to Seal Island leave at around 07h00 in winter (May – Sept) as we try to get to the island at first light each morning, allowing us to observe the natural predation, which is most prevalent near to sunrise. Each morning we will observe natural predatory behaviour for as long as possible, however it is usually the first hour and a half that is the most intense. After this period we will try a short decoy tow using a fake cut out carpet seal, where we try to get the sharks to breach. It is a very unique way to elicit predatory behaviour and has been very useful to help to learn different strategies adopted by different sharks.

After the decoy tow we do an inspection lap around Seal Island looking for any signs of bitten or injured seals, which are recorded for research / conservation purposes. We will then choose the best spot to anchor up, based on weather conditions and attract sharks to our boat. This is done by using very small quantities of sardines mixed with water. Once a shark approaches the boat small bait is put in the water to keep the sharks interested around the boat for identification purposes. At no point are the sharks purposefully fed or handled. No shark livers or any other attractant that have a negative impact on the environment are used and every effort is made to avoid the sharks coming into contact with the boat. We do have the opportunity to cage dive with the sharks for anyone that is qualified, however it is really recommended that more emphasis be placed on the surface viewing.

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Cage Diving With Great White Sharks

In order to be able to cage dive, a specially constructed steel cage with viewing ports that float on the surface of the water is used. The shark cage is connected to the back of the boat. Sharks are drawn closer to the boat using small amounts of tuna for bait. No sharks are purposefully fed and no sharks are pulled directly towards the cage as it is not the intention to injure these animals in any way. Divers do however get a great opportunity to view the sharks in their environment as they gracefully glide by or curiously inspect the cage. Divers can also take their own pictures from the shark cage.

The operation is purposefully licensed for less than any other cage diving boat in South Africa to ensure everybody gets the best possible chance to dive with the sharks for as long as possible and that each guest has a personalised experience.

Safety is of utmost importance and all shark diving is done under the auspices of experienced crew, who have 1st aid & oxygen management, scuba & commercial skippers’ qualifications and are aware of the likely behaviour of sharks around the cage.

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Afternoon Excursion

  • Boat leaves Simons Town at 1pm until 5pm
  • Cage diving
  • Surface viewing

Morning Excursion

  • Boat leaves Simons Town at 07h00 until 12.30pm
  • Natural predation observation
  • Great white shark breaching
  • Cage diving
  • Surface viewing

Price includes:

  • All dive gear – sizes S – XXL
  • Guests may scuba if they are qualified. Price includes air
  • Sandwiches, snacks & refreshments on board
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This can be arranged from Cape Town to Simons Town.

Boats Used

All of the expeditions are run from high powered 28ft catamarans equipped with 2 new 140hp low emission 4 stroke engines and are capable of speeds in excess of 30 knots. These boats are custom built for the activities, are safe, fast and reliable offering a well designed lay out suitable for photography, filming, diving and general surface observation.

Additional Information

Guests suffering from nausea or motion sickness are advised to take precautionary measures prior to each days scheduled departure. Warm waterproof clothing is recommended and during summer and autumn months, sunscreen and a hat are advised. Any persons wishing to cage dive with white sharks need to have an entry level scuba qualification. Please bring your dive card with you. We have a strict NO CARD NO DIVE policy!

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