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Sardine Run
Sardine Run
Sardine Run
Sardine Run

When and Where ?

Date : June, July, Early August
Location : Transkei, Wild Coast, South Africa
Objectives : Comments Passive observation of sharks, birds, dolphins,
seals, whales & game fish feeding on sardines

What's it all about?

National Geographic calls the sardine run “the most exciting dive in the world” and “the greatest shoal on earth”!!

What more can we say about this spectacle that hasn’t already been filmed or photographed. All we can say is, COME and experience the greatest event of the year as millions of sardines prepare for their northward migration following colder waters, setting the place for a predatory feast.

Experience the Sardine Run either beneath the waves or above, either way there is an abundance of marine life to see.

This amazing event is not just about the sardines, but about all the predators that follow them.

The diversity of animals associated with this annual event is staggering. On the A-list are hundreds of Copper sharks (bronze whalers), Dusky sharks, Black tip sharks, thousands of Gannets, thousands of Common Dolphins, hundreds of Bottlenose dolphins. Also to be seen are hundreds of Humpback whales and the Brydes whales. Many species of rays follow the sardines, as well as many bird species. Penguins and seals are frequently encountered. A great diversity of fish predators travel with the “sards” and take advantage of this feasting opportunity.

Many other species of shark and dolphin have made an appearance during the sardine run and the list is endless. You just never know what you are going to encounter and when.

Join Diving with Sharks in witnessing this amazing natural phenomenon.