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About Tigers

Tiger Shark - Galeocerdo Cuvier

The most distinctive feature of the tiger shark is its stripe like markings which run down the sides of the shark, making it easy to distinguish. These markings are most prominent on young sharks but become more faded as the shark matures.

Tiger sharks also have a noticeably blunt, squared-off snout and relatively large eyes with the front portion of the body stout, becoming slender from the abdomen to the tail.

The Aliwal Shoal appears to have a high concentration of tiger sharks and through a series of tracking studies conducted on the tiger sharks at the “Shoal”, it appeared that the movement patterns of the sharks was influenced not only by chumming operators, but also by fishing boats.

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5km / 3 miles off shore.


The tiger sharks are present all year round, however this can be analysed as follows:

  • Jan – June Dominated by large females
  • July – Dec Resident sub (3m) animals

There is the highest density of tiger sharks at Aliwal Shoal during the warm months i.e. December to June. However, as the water temperature drops over the winter the number of these sharks in the area reduces.

Dive Conditions

  • Dive Depth - 5 – 8 m / 16.5 – 26.4 ft
  • Dive Type - Drift dive
  • Visibility - 6 – 30 metres / 20 – 100 ft. Average 15 metres / 50 ft.
  • Water Temperature - Jan – June 22 - 28ºC 5mm wetsuit advised
                                       July – Dec 18 - 24ºC 5mm wetsuit minimum advised
  • Bated - Yes
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Additional Information

  • The sharks appear to inhabit the Aliwal reef area in the morning, gradually progressing southwards during the afternoon and evening.
  • Pace of the Tiger Shark dive
  • The tiger shark drift dive is a high adrenalin dive with an important individual diver focus on excellent buoyancy control and correct shark diving practices. The pace can be deemed to be of medium strain, depending on the action on the day.
  • Price includes
  • Dive cylinder
  • Weight belt
  • Light snacks & water
  • Price does not include
  • Accommodation
  • Getting to the dive location
  • Dive gear

Tiger Shark Awareness Course

Why not learn more about the Tiger Shark and join us for a Shark Awareness Course / dives at either of these destinations. You will learn more about shark diving protocol, Tiger Shark behaviour, gender identification & reproduction.


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