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shark stars

You’ve seen them during Shark Week and on Animal Planet;
they are the top shark experts in the world

Now get to know them personally!

Shark experts from around the world were up for auction on eBay during Shark Week 2010 to raise funds for the Shark Research Institute’s conservation programs. Being auctioned were dinners or lunches with the world’s foremost “shark experts”. This was an unprecedented opportunity to “talk shark” face-to-face, one-on-one, with a real authority on sharks.

The Auction started on August 1st and ran for 7 days.

sharks PDF
Click to view PDF and read
the profiles of all the stars!

How it worked:

a. Bid on an expert that lives or works in your area, unless you are
willing to drive or fly to meet them in their area.

b. The winning bidder pays for the lunch or dinner and may bring as many guests
as he or she wishes (exceptions are Chris Fallows & Tom Campbell because their
winning bidders also receive a boat trip).

c. We will introduce the winning bidder to the shark expert and the
meeting is valid for one year. The two of you then set a mutually
agreeable date, time and place to meet.

The Auction started on August 1st and ran for 7 days.

All winning bids were tax deductible charitable contributions from
US Federal 2010 income taxes. Funds raised were used to
expand the Shark Research Institute’s shark conservation programs.